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Our years of experience, unparalleled expertise, and transparent process set us apart from our competitors, making us the ideal choice for you.

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Bajaj Travels has been operating in the industry since 1965 and has served thousand of happy clients over the years Expert Team

Expert Team

We have a team of highly experienced travel agents that can guide you in building custom holiday packages, finding the best flights and ensuring your journey is stress free

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We at Bajaj Travels believe in putting forth every bit of information for our client's travel plan. There are no unwelcome surprises when working with Bajaj Travels, only satisfying travel experiences.


Yes, we provide complete visa application services for countries like Dubai, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA and all European (Schengen) countries.

We provide visa application services for all Tourist, Work, and short duration Visas for many countries like Dubai, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA and all European (Schengen) countries, etc.

Bajaj Travels helps you in building a strong application for whichever country you are applying for. We assist in compiling comprehensive supporting documents for your application and provide quality consultation regarding all visa rules and regulations. We assist in getting Embassy appointments, cover letter writing, financial documents compilation, flight tickets, hotels, tours and travel insurance. We have provided visa services to thousands of satisfied clients. Your application is carefully assessed and compiled by our expert consultants. We ensure that there are no errors in your application and that it complies with the respective country’s application checklist.

We help prepare your entire visa application in 2-3 business days. After submission to the respective Embassy, your visa application can be approved with 7-14 business days. This timeline can vary from country to country and we do no take responsibility for delays, refusals from any country’s Embassy.